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Connect with our growing community of members eager to save on quality products and services. Offer group discounts that unlock more savings as more people purchase. It's a win-win for both your business and our members.

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Customized Campaigns: Set goals for each group, or offer incremental discounts based on the number of purchases. You have the flexibility to create campaigns that fit your business needs

Viral Content and Social Networks

Social Virality: Our platform encourages members to share your offers, increasing visibility and driving more sales. Join us in creating a social network effect that benefits everyone.

Use Cases

Tired of marking down your products just to clear inventory?

Set incremental discount rates that unlocks when a goal is hit

100 Sold

500 Sold

99 Sold

5% off

10% off

20% off

Do you offer family or group discounts? Have a sales quota to hit?

Offer deals to drive group buys & engage with new audiences

Running a promotional campaign to drive visibility to your brand?

Social Virality for members to share

20% Off

15% Off

5% Off

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